Andrew’s teaching experience over the past 15 years has been in a range of settings, including private coaching and group sessions in all of the leading drama schools in the UK. Having also completed a PGCE, and worked in schools, where his lessons were graded ‘outstanding’ by the Welsh inspectorate ESTYN, he is in a unique position to apply educational principles to the other teaching he undertakes.

Musical Theatre Singing (Technical)

It is important to Andrew that singing lessons are tailored to the individual, and so even though technique sessions are heavily influenced by the Estill model, he also draws on his knowledge of  other pedagogies.

Andrew has taught technical singing at Sharjah Performing Arts Academy and ArtsEd.

Andrew has a proven success record in singing which is evidenced by:

– consistently high scoring students at all levels of LCM Musical Theatre exams,
– successful student entry into musical theatre courses at the leading UK drama schools,
– outstanding assessment results from singing students in conservatoire training,
– students performing in the West End and on No. 1 tours.

Conducting for Musical Theatre

Drawing on experience of conducting a wide range of ensembles, Andrew takes great pride in passing on both basic technique and the ability to elicit expression and musicality.

Sessions are individually planned with students to agree learning objectives and make the most of time.

Andrew has taught conducting for Musical Theatre at the University of St. Andrews.

Repertoire Coaching

With a colossal knowledge of the musical theatre repertoire, Andrew is renowned for being able to recommend songs for every individual and circumstance, whether it be for a cabaret, audition or a particular vocal/acting challenge. He can also suggest arrangements of songs to ensure that students have a unique version.

Andrew has been a repertoire coach for some of the lead musical theatre artists in the West End and has taught both group and individual repertoire sessions at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Chichester University and Guildford School of Acting.

Group Singing/Ensemble Skills

Andrew prides himself on his ability to improve the skills of learning harmonies and ensemble listening. By choosing materials that are both challenging and enjoyable, he is able to draw on his musical direction skills to help groups make huge strides in their ability to sing as part of an ensemble.

Andrew has taught group singing at ArtsEd, The Guildford School of Acting and Performance Preparation Academy.

Acting Through Song

The skill of connecting to text and telling the story of a song is key to a successful performance.

These sessions can be individual but work best in a group situation where students can benefit from observing the participation of others.

Andrew has taught Acting Through Song at Emil Dale Academy, Winchester University and The Guildford School of Acting.

Audition Technique

Having seen the audition room from both sides of the table, Andrew has a wealth of experience of the process.

From first impressions to song choices, Andrew is able to help you present yourself in the best possible way, whilst helping you gain an insight into the common pitfalls that actors encounter when in front of an audition panel.

Andrew has taught audition technique at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, SLP College and The Guildford School of Acting.